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The best ways to get free stuff and save on your Telephone bill

If your phone bill is over $30 per month or if you have 2 lines, it will pay to get the cheapest rate that has no monthly billing fee. The lowest Flat rate we have found is Unitel's3.9 cents/min. The cheapest variable rates start at 2.9 cents/min with iPhone..that's almost FREE!

If you spend very little on long distance or if you have a second line that's not used for long distance (an internet line), then switch as often as possible to take advantage of the big 3's promotions. (keep your voice line with a Low rate carier ...then find the up to date best Deal with this Awesome Long Distance Best Rate Search Engine)

Free 50 Min Phone Card - Grab a free phone card, no shipping and No credit card required!

4 Cent/Min Long Distance - The first No Gimmick Long Distance Plan. Big Red Wire hasVery low international rates as well.

Free Phone Rate Search Engine - This unique Free service searches the internet for the best rate for YOUR Phone number and the # of of Minutes YOU use for Calls in and out of your state.

Free Internet Answering Machine - It Free! It downloads in less than a minute. Avoid the cost of an extra Phone line.

FREE long distance - Get a FREE long distance calling card via email instantly. (US & Canada only)

MCI is currently offering 10,000 American Airline Freguent flier miles just for switching to their service. Be sure to sign up for a rate plan without a monthly fee. This equates to half a roundtrip ticket (over $300 in value) 800 950-5555. (You have to be a member of American Airlines Advantage program)

AT&T is currently offering 180 free minutes for Switching.

800 222-0300

Sprint is offering a various specials for switching.

800 877-7746

FREE Cellular Service- If you use your cellular phone for emergency use only, then you don't need to pay anything for cellular service. All carriers are required to receive 911 calls with or without a contract. Put that old cell phone in a loved ones glove compartment and they can always get help for FREE.

If you come across other Telecom Freebies, please email us so we can let everybody know about it.